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Are you feeling superior because ChatGPT is giving you dumb responses?

Well, that might be on you, because there’s a way to work with AI – and its to get skilled at Prompt Engineering.

Within 3 months of OpenAI dropping the GPT bomb on this planet – we now already have a new discipline to gain mastery on.

Many ‘AI Whisperes’ (yes, that’s what Generative AI experts are calling themselves these days) are producing great content around prompt engineering or building prompt databases.

I have compiled these amazing resources. Use them to make the best use of ChatGPT, Generative AI tools, chatbot interactions, and other NLP systems for your personal and professional workflows.

Learn basic Prompting

Many creators have released content across Twitter, YouTube and wherever possible to get a pie of the attention Generative AI is receiving. Get started with prompting with the below resources:

Prompt engineering guide by OpenAI

OpenAI has published a very useful and on-point guide that should be enough to get started with prompt engineering. This guide is specific to OpenAI products. It features the basics, best practices and fine-tuning the responses by ChatGPT as per your requirement.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: blogs, guides

Link: OpenAI

Learn Prompting

Here’s a great website that includes open-source courses, articles and videos on prompt engineering. They are also coming up with certifications that you can add to your socials. You can contribute to their cause with translations or provide content.

Level: Basic to Advance

Type: Free, Open Source courses

Format: Video, Course

Link: Learn Prompting

Prompt Engineering 101

David Shapiro teaches the basics of prompt engineering, types of prompts, and examples. It also shows how to handle the randomness of OpenAI responses – and ensure you get what you want. This is an old video – July 2022, but it’s good to see how far OpenAI has come since 2022 and know the prompt types.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube Video

Link: Prompt Engineering 101: Autocomplete, Zero-shot, One-shot, and Few-shot prompting

ChatGPT features

This guide is specific to how you can use ChatGPT for coding. It includes 5 good prompt tuning methods to ensure you get good quality code as desired.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: Article

Link: 5 ChatGPT features to boost your daily work

The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI Service

Here’s a webinar by Microsoft that covers prompting, specifically around Bing search. They have shown demo for Bing Chat and ChatGPT Playground to help everyone get started.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube Livestream

Link: Microsoft developers

Output formats of ChatGPT

One way to improving your prompting skills is to know what output is ChatGPT really capable of. From graphs to tables, ChatGPT can make you go ‘wow’ with its supported formats. I found a thread that covers ChatGPT outputs.

Level: basic

Type: Free

Format: Twitter thread

Link: ChatGPT output

Learn advanced Prompt Engineering:

Free lectures by reputed institutions and creators on prompting:

CMU Advanced NLP 2022: Prompting

This lecture by Graham Neubig is a part of CMU CS 11-711, Advanced NLP (Fall 2022). Apart from teaching how to prompt, it covers some advanced concepts like answer engineering, prompt-training methods, and multi-prompt learning.

Level: Advanced

Type: Free

Format: YouTube Video

Link: CMU Advanced NLP 2022 (9): Prompting

Prompt Papers

Interested to dive deeper into the latest developments of prompt engineering? Prompt Papers is a resource available on Github that lists latest research available on prompt-tuning methods. You can jump across basics, analysis, specializations and improvements happening in this space.

Type: Free

Format: Research papers collection

Link: Prompt Papers

Ready-to-use prompt collections, communities, and hacks

Here are some ChatGPT prompt resources that you can play around in your industry:

Reddit ChatGPT

ChatGPT subreddit homepage screenshot

Reddit has to be the holy grail of good resources on prompting. This subreddit has people sharing their work – from business to anything non-sensical. A great hangout spot to interact with other prompters and learn from each other.

Type: Free

Website: Reddit

PromptBase – a prompt marketplace

Promptbase homepage screenshot

We have a prompt marketplace available that covers result-driven prompts across Dall-E, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, etc. You can even earn with your prompting skills by selling prompts. The marketplace claims to save API costs and time to find good prompts.

Type: Paid

Website: PromptBase


PromptMania homepage screenshot

This website is focused on helping you get better with prompts for creating art. You can create detailed prompts for Stable Diffusion, DreamStudio, Midjourney, and CF Spark. It also has an AI art community to interact with fellow AI artists.

Type: Free

Website: PromptMania

Lexica – search engine for Stable Diffusion

Lexica homepage screenshot

Lexica covers the Stable Diffusion platform and lists some amazing prompts to get good-quality imagery. You can copy and edit it to your requirement by directly opening it in the editor. They also have a Discord community to interact with peers in this space.

Type: Free

Website: Lexica


PromptHero has a collection of AI prompts across various tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, etc. The prompts are upvoted by the community based on how good they are. They also have a community where they post challenges and an AI job board.

PromptHero homepage screenshot

Type: Free

Website: PromptHero


ShareGPT homepage screenshot

ShareGPT is a crowdsourced collection of interesting conversations people are having across the world with ChatGPT. There are a variety of prompts across business ideas, resume rewrites, create pitch decks, mock interviews, etc. You can upvote prompts you like. They have a Chrome extension available too.

Type: Free

Website: ShareGPT

ChatGPT cheatsheet

Another database of ChatGPT prompts is sourced across the world. It has various resources across email writing, social media, coding, spreadsheets, Amazon FBA, etc. Wish it had a filtering option, but there is a search bar available.

Type: Free

Website: QuickRef.Me


Looking for a community to discuss prompting and find fellow prompt engineers? FlowGPT is a community for learning and practicing prompting. People are sharing their prompts that you can try for yourself across topics.

Type: Free

Website: FlowGPT

SEO 101 ChatGPT

Valdo has created a collection of 300 ChatGPT prompts that help you with SEO. This includes various SEO use cases like website optimization, keyword research, etc. Also includes 6000+ marketing prompts and AI courses for higher-priced bundles.

Type: Paid

Website: SEO ChatGPT

ChatGPT prompts for teachers and course creation

ChatGPT has the potential to be a great learning assitant to both teachers and students. You can easily make lesson plans, assessments, and improve classroom management.

Type: Free

Website: Teacher prompt guide

List of ChatGPT prompts for Content Creation

Here are some extensive resources I found that are dedicated to prompts for content creation:

List of prompts for productivity:

AI tools are meant to improve our productivity. Here are some good resources I found that help with daily productivity:

Thought Leadership on Generative AI and Prompting

Know what the industry leaders think about Generative AI and where it is going from here:

Lex Friedman podcast with Sam Altman

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube Video

Link: Sam Altman: OpenAI CEO on GPT-4, ChatGPT, and the Future of AI | Lex Fridman Podcast

Unlocking creativity with Prompt Engineering

Guy Parsons helps us understand the importance of the rising field of ‘Prompt Engineer’ as a role within a company. The resources mentioned in the YouTube channel’s description are also worth checking out. It includes the Dall-E2 prompt book

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube Video

Link: Unlocking Creativity with Prompt Engineering and Dall-E2 Prompt Book

Issues with using AI for content creation

Sharing 2 good resources that gives you a perspective on how using AI is ruffling feathers of the copyright industry. Better be aware about the copyright issues so that whatever you create and publish – you can truly own it.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: Article

Link: AI Copyright Fight by Helen Jiang and Dilemmas of ChatGPT in Content Creation Industry – UC Berkeley

AI hype bubble

Cory Doctorow believes that AI is just a better version of auto-completion. He shares his reasons, and is a great read to get a different perspective from AI enthusiasts.

Level: basic

Type: Free

Format: Article

Link: The AI hype bubble is the new crypto hype bubble

Bill Gates on AI

Bill Gates said how Generative AI is as impactful as microprocessors. He shares a ton of insights about where AI will take us and how it will shape the future.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube video and blog

Link: Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computing and The Age of AI has begun

Navigating the profession of a Prompt Engineer

A great podcast by David Shapiro where he interviews one of the first prompt engineers to put ‘Prompt Engineer’ on her LinkedIn – Anna Bernstein of Copy.ai. She shares her journey of how she got the job, best practices on prompting, and what she thinks lies ahead in this growing field.

Level: Basic

Type: free

Format: YouTube Video

Link: Anna Bernstein – Professional Prompt Engineer

Recommended YouTube channels for prompting

Checkout these YouTube channels that cover the field of prompt engineering and Generative AI:

Prompt Engineering

Their channel introductory video is itself completely made using AI tools! This channels covers a lot of broad use cases and tools for practical applications of GPT.

Level: Basic

Type: Free

Format: YouTube videos

Link: @engineerprompt

David Shapiro

David Shapiro build tools and products for automation using AI. His YouTube channels includes explanation of AI concepts, which can get technical sometimes. He interviews industry experts and thought leaders in the AI space which are great to gain more insights into the impact of AI.

Level: Advance

Type: Free

Format: YouTube videos

Link: @DavidShapiroAutomator

Chat with Data

Chat with Data is a new channel that has good tutorials on using Generative AI tools. Some tutorials are advance level, while some include using popular tools to improve workflows. The content focuses on data use cases specifically.

Level: Advance

Type: Free

Format: YouTube videos

Link: @chatwithdata

Recommended Newsletters for AI prompting and beyond

Here’s a list of newsletters that are dedicated to AI:

Applied AI

You are reading this amazing guide and still haven’t subscribed to us? I literally send only 1 email per month. We cover tutorials and guides on how AI is being used for real-world applications across industries. This includes ChatGPT and prompting as well.

Ben’s Bites

Post his stint at Makerpad, Ben has gone all-in for AI. His newsletter covers a broad range of topics and trends across AI, including ChatGPT and prompting.

Link: Ben’s Bites

Bot Eat Brain

This is a short and daily AI newsletter. It gives you almost quick insights on what is happening with the AI world and ChatGPT. They summarize research papers, 2-3 top news, and newly launched AI tools that you should be aware of.

Link: Bot Eat Brain

You probably need a robot

This newsletter focuses on using AI for making money and improve productivity.

Link: You Probably Need a Robot

The AI Product Report

This newsletter covers newly launched AI-powered or enabled products in the market.

Link: The AI Product Report


This newsletter focuses on news and latest trends around AI-powered art tools like Dall-E2 and Midjourney. It is authored by Guy Parsons, a designer and AI artist.

Link: Prompt/Response

Daily AI News by NextBigWhat

This particular newsletter also covers news around India’s AI ecosystem – so it’s a great news roundup newsletter for Indians or people interested in the Indian technology ecosystem.

Link: DailyAI

Paid courses on prompt engineering

We already have courses and certifications available to learn prompting. I couldn’t find free courses except for some YouTube videos which cover basic concepts and then ask you to take a full course. If you are serious about this field, you can take one to showcase on your resume or LinkedIn:


Udemy is now filled with multiple ChatGPT courses already that you can take up. Most of them cover similar content, so choose ones that offer value as per your use case. Here are some examples I found:

  • Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney 1000+ prompts – has many use cases across ChatGPT, Midjourney with 1000+ prompts – link
  • Reverse engineering Midjourney prompts – interesting course on how to use existing images you like to create prompts – link
  • Master ChatGPT-4: covers the latest GPT-4 and focuses on prompt writing specifically – link

Type: Paid

Next level Prompt Engineering using AI with Rob Lennon

AI Whisperer Rob Lennon has been in the space of GPT since 2019. Now he has launched a course that covers frameworks, voice/style design, case studies, prompt library, and cheatsheets to help you get better at prompting. There is a purchase power parity discount available too. You can also opt for certification.

Level: Advance

Type: Paid

Format: videos

Link: GPT prompt course

Tools for AI prompting

While it’s always better to learn the skill of prompting, you may still want some help or shortcuts. Here are some amazing sets of browser extensions and apps to help you with AI prompting:

ChatGPT Bot for Twitter

ChatGPT Bot is by TypingMind, that offers an improved UI for the ChatGPT app. You can tag ChatGPT bot for generating a response.

Type: Free with paid version

Website: @ChatGPTBot

Take screenshots of your ChatGPT conversations by liady

If you’re a content creator or coder, you might want to compile your complete conversations into one single page for easy access. Use this Chrome extension by liady that allows you to take a complete chat screenshot, export it as PDF, or create a shareable link.

Type: Free

Website: GitHub

ChatGPT chrome extension by Gargland

This Chrome extension allows to you use ChatGPT across any platform. You can type your prompt anywhere, and it will generate the response right there. You don’t have to open any new tab or access the ChatGPT app!

Type: Free

Website: GitHub

Prompt Engineering Jobs

Have you become amazing in prompting? How about you check out some potential jobs available in this emerging field? The salaries are quite meaty – ranging from $100k-$350k!

Type: Free

Website: Prompt Engineering Jobs


Promptmetheus allows you to test prompts before you deploy or store them in your collection. It helps you optimize prompts, visualize performance and export data in various formats.

Type: Free

Website: Promptmetheus

AI Whisperers and Influencers you can follow on social media

People are nailing it on social media with their Twitter threads and reels on hacks and tips for ChatGPT. Here are some notable ones I found along with good prompting content by them:

Lilian Weng

Lilian Weng is leading Applied Research at OpenAI. She is blogging and sharing notes about ML on her blog, which also covers prompt engineering. Her content might be a bit technical for newbies.

Prompting content: Prompt Engineering

Profile: @lilianweng

Barsee The AI Guy

Barsee is regualrly tweeting about the latest news and developement in the AI space. He also shares prompt ideas and threads around it. He has a newsletter for AI Tools, Prompts and other developments.

Prompting content: Making ChatGPT generate prompts

Profile: @heyBarsee


Elvis is a Ph.D. and has worked with Meta AI previously. He is sharing regular content around prompting, LLMs, and experiments around GPT. He has also published a free prompt engineering guide.

Prompting content: Prompt engineering guide and lecture on Prompt Engineering

Profile: @omarsar0

Travis Fischer

Travis is actively building projects using OpenAI tools. This includes the ChatGPT Bot mentioned in the tools section. His content may be a bit advanced for newbies.

Prompting content: A practical guide on how to use LLMs effectively

Profile: @transitive_bs

Harsh Makadia

Harsh is an experienced content creator into the field of No-code and AI. He has shared many threads on his Twitter around AI and ChatGPT. This is a good account to follow to learn the basics of prompting.

Prompting Content: Paid course on prompting

Profile: @MakadiaHarsh

Do you want to include great resources you found around prompting? Do let me know – DM me on Twitter

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