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I am Harshala Chavan, a maker, and writer in the space of no-code and publishing.

Before 2023, AI was restricted to SaaS and ‘algorithms’ behind the scenes. It was black box.

Many joked about how most so called ‘AI startups’ were nothing but a bunch of ‘If-Else’ statements.

But 2023 is different.

Generative AI is one of the turns in our history where we make the presence of AI felt in our daily personal and professional lives.

It has led to new courses springing up around a new discipline – prompt engineering. This field, at the time of writing this page, is offering around USD 3,50,000/- for prompt engineering jobs!

With OpenAI’s app ecosystem debut, many apps that we use from day to day are providing us with access the powerful AI capabilities. So many new startups are launching, YCombinator’s 40% of the 2023 batch is around AI, and legacy brands are including AI capabilities.

My point here is – AI is becoming more accessible and engrained in our lives.

This makes the discipline of Applied AI more relevant from here on.

So here I am, covering practical tutorials and guides on how AI is being used across industries.

Applied AI is an authority site on practical application of the new-generation of AI or AI-enabled tools.

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